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About the Blue Buffalo Survey site:

BlueThankyou.com allows a customer to take a survey, learn more about BLUE products and even apply for a job with Blue.  The survey will only take a few minutes to complete and will ask a total of 11 questions.  The survey is powered by Survey Monkey.  Some questions you will be asked include “How inclined are you to purchase a BLUE product after speaking to a Blue Specialist?” and “How well did our Blue Specialist communicate how BLUE would benefit your pet’s specific needs?”.  Unfortunately there is not an incentive for taking this survey.  The site also allows you to compare Blue cat and dog food to other popular pet foods.  Pedigree, Iams, Purina, Science Diet and Eagle Pack are just a few brand names you can use in the comparison.  Popular products under the Blue name include BLUE Life Protection Formula, Homestyle Recipe, Treats for Dogs, Health Bars and even Stew.  If you care about your pet you will treat them to Blue pet products.  The BLUE Customer Survey is in relation to how the BLUE in store specialist met your needs.

About Blue Buffalo:

Blue claims to use natural ingredients in their per food and real meat is always the first ingredient, every time.  Some people are just OK with feeding their pets the average run of the mill dog or cat food.  If you try to find the cheapest food at your local grocery store Blue is not for you.  Blue Buffalo pet food is for the owner who considers their pet a part of the family and just not an owner.  The first ingredient of all of the foods will be chicken, lamb or fish.  The food will also include whole grains, fresh-cut vegetables and fruit.  These all natural ingredients ensure your pet is eating as well as you are.

Incentive:  n/a
Site:  www.BlueThankyou.com

What do we recommend at Blue Buffalo?:

  • Health Bars
  • BLUE Life Protection Formula
  • BLUE Healthy Gourmet
Places similar to Blue Buffalo you might want to try?:
  • Purina
  • Iams

Contact Blue Buffalo: 


Blue Buffalo Co.
P.O. Box 770
Wilton, CT 06897

phone:  1 (800) 919-2833

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