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Look over there!  There is a Giant Tiger!!  Not a real Tiger of course, but the popular Giant Tiger discount store.  This place is Canada’s 2nd largest discount store and is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  After your most recent money-saving trip to the Giant Tiger please take their online customer survey for a chance to win a $500 Giant Tiger Gift Card.  The survey results will only be used to improve customer service at your local Giant Tiger… that is a good thing.  Some of the Giant Tiger stores we have been in were a disaster.  They were very dirty and staff members could not be found anywhere in the store.  We suspect they were outside chewing on a smoke.  At any rate you will need to provide your name, email address, store location of visit and how long you have been a loyal customer of Giant Tiger to begin the survey.

Survey:  Giant Tiger Customer Survey
Incentive:  Sweepstakes drawing for a $500 gift card.
Site:  www.gianttiger.com/survey

Bonus survey question!  Please note this question is not associated with the official Giant Tiger Customer Survey online.  SurveyLux would like to know:


To find a Giant Tiger near you go here.
To view the recent Giant Tiger eFlyer please go here.


~ Contact Giant Tiger ~

By mail:

Giant Tiger Stores Limited.
2480 Walkley Road
Ottawa, ON
K1G 6A9

By email:

For information on our franchise system, please email resume to: careers@gianttiger.com

For website questions or comments: customerservice@gianttiger.com

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