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About the Lone Star Steakhouse Survey site:

It’s all about the steak at the Lone Star steakhouse.  After taking down a 20 oz. Porterhouse or 6 oz. Bacon-Wrapped Sirloin at Lone Star take some time out of your busy day to take their guest survey online.  In return for your time you will be presented with a coupon code that can be used on your next visit to this popular steak house.  To begin please have the survey code on hand along with the date and time of visit.  This information can be found on your receipt in the in the top left hand corner.  LonestarListens.com is powered by the Service Management Group and will ask the customer a variety of questions about their dining experience.  Please be honest when provided answers as the feedback will help improve the service at your local Lone Star Steakhouse.  The survey can only be taken online and not by mail or phone.  Working internet connection will be needed.  If you do not have internet service please stop by your local library to gain access.

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Site:  www.LonestarListens.com

About Lone Star Steakhouse:

If you’re looking for a great steak check out your local LS today and thank us later.  Lone Star was founded 1989 out of Winston-Salem, North Carolina and is considered a casual dining restaurants.  They won the Best Steak House Chain Golden Icon Award and have over 100 locations in the United States.  None of the location are located in Texas.  A drink with a steak will cost you between $15.00 to $30.00 depending on the type of steak you order.  The best steak they offer is without a doubt the 20 oz. Porterhouse.  This steak checks in at $25.00 and is well worth the price.

What do we recommend at Lone Star?:

  • 20 oz. Porterhouse
  • Lone Star Wings
  • Delmonico Steak Sandwich
  • Texas Cheesesteak
Places similar to Lone Star you might want to try?:
  • Outback
  • Longhorn
  • Logan’s

*Please note the above survey is not associated with the Lone Star Steakhouse Customer Survey


Contact Lone Star Steakhouse: 

by phone: 972-295-8600

by mail: 5055 W. Park Blvd., Ste. 500, Plano, TX 75093

on the web: lonestarsteakhouse.com


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