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About the MyFamily Mobile site:

Walmart and T-Mobile have combined forces to create a great phone service plan for the entire family.  Some people call Walmart the Evil Empire but why would you with a such an awesome cell phone plan like this?  The cost is just $45 for the first line and then another $35 if any additional lines are needed.  All plans include 250 MB of shared Web access at 3G speeds for maximum web browsing.  Plus the plan comes with no monthly commitment, directory services and International Roaming.  MyFamilyMobile.com allows a user to sign into their account or activate a phone.  The plan can be used with smart phone or just you basic text phone.  Once registered for the service a user can perform the following activities online: add a line, make a payment, upgrade a phone, update account information and much more.  This service is perfect for families with 3 or more people.  To activate your phone you will need the Family Mobile phone number, Your Family Mobile Starter Kit and your Driver ID.  The family phone # can be found in the packaging the phone came in.  If you lost this number please contact the customer service team ASAP.

Site: MyFamilyMobile
Purpose:  New phone activation
Site:  www.MyFamilyMobile.com

About T-Mobile and Walmart:

T-Mobile USA is a large USA based mobile phone service provided based in the state of Washington.  They were founded under the name VoiceStream Wireless PCS in 1994.  T-Mobile is currently the fourth-largest wireless carrier in the mobile market and have over 30 million customers.  Walmart is one of the largest companies in the world and was founded in 1962 by the legendary Sam Walton.  They sell everything from Apparel/Footwear to food.  Walmart is popular with the country folk.

What phones we recommend with Walmart Family Mobile Services?:

  • Samsung Dart
  • Samsung Highlight
  • Nokia 1661
Planes similar to Walmart Family Mobile Services you might want to try?:
  • mycricket
  • myrateplan
  • wirefly

*Please note the above survey is not associated with Walmart Family Mobile Services


Contact Walmart Family:

by phone: 1-877-440-9758

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