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About the Olga’s Kitchen Survey site:

Olga’s Kitchen might not sound like the best place to enjoy a meal but trust us it is!  After dining at Olga’s be sure to take her customer survey online and provide your feedback on your dining experience.  OlgasFeedback is powered by the Service Management Group.  You will need the 15 digit survey code number to begin.  This number can be found on your receipt  towards the bottom.  Please provide candid answers to the questions as it will help improve customer service at Olga’s which in turn will line her pockets with more money.  A computer with Internet connection will be required to take the survey online and your answers will be used for research, fulfillment of incentives and other purposes such as business rating customer service, survey integrity management, and Website management.  The Olga’s Feedback survey should take no more than 5 minutes to complete.  Any questions about the survey should be directed to SMG Privacy Office, 1737 McGee, Kansas City, MO, 64108 by letter.  Please do not contact Olga’s Kitchen about the survey.  Participating in the feedback request is voluntary.

Survey: Olga’s Kitchen Guest Survey
Incentive:  Unknown
Site: www.OlgasFeedback.com

About Olga’s Kitchen:

“Like No Taste Else,” is the Motto for this popular fresh grilled-to-order dining establishment.  Olga’s Kitchen is based primarily in the Midwest US and are considered a Greek family restaurant.  If your ever traveling through the states of Missouri, Illinois, Michigan or Ohio keep your eyes peeled for a Olga’s Kitchen and stop in for a bite.  The first ever Olga’s was opened in Birmingham, Michigan back in 1970.  Sadly that first store was forced to close.  Prices generally range between $5 to $10.

What services do we recommend at Olga’s Kitchen?:

  • Grilled Chicken
  • Carolina BBQ
  • Classic Cheeseburger
Places similar to Olga’s Kitchen you might want to try?:
  • Bread Company
  • Denny’s

*Please note the above survey is not associated with the Olga’s Kitchen Customer Survey


Contact Olga’s Kitchen:

by mail: Olga’s Kitchen, Inc., 1940 Northwood Drive, Troy, MI

by phone: 877.446.5427

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