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About the Piercing Pagoda survey site:

If you were cool in high school you most likely visited your local Piercing Pagoda.  Customers now are being asked to complete a Piercing Pagoda Customer Satisfaction Survey after their visit.  PagodaSurvey.com is powered by the Service Management Group and should only take about 300 seconds to complete.  The survey will require you have the code located near the bottom of your receipt in order to begin.  At this time the incentive for taking the survey is unknown.  Please contact us with the incentive (if one) once you have completed the survey.  You must have Internet connection to take the survey online and it does not appear the survey can be conducted over the phone.  Also please note that you MUST have cookies enabled on your browser.  The answers provided will help to improve customer relations and will never be sold for a profit.

Survey: Piercing Pagoda Customer Survey
Incentive:  unknown
Site:  www.PagodaSurvey.com

About Piercing Pagoda:

The Piercing Pagoda is a popular ear-piercing shop usually found within malls across America.  They also specialize in body jewelry, sterling silver, diamonds and gems, stainless steel products and accessories.  The Piercing Pagoda is owned by the Zale company.  Zale acquired this firm in the year 2000.  Although they sell all sorts of things ear-piercing remains the core business in terms of sales.  There are over 600 PP in the US and Puerto Rico.  Prices tend to fall in line with other piercing jewelry stores and ear piercings are free as long as you buy a jewelry product.

What we recommend at Piercing Pagoda?:

  • Gold Birth Stones
  • Gold Balls
  • Stainless Steel Rounds
Places similar to Piercing Pagoda you might want to try?:
  • Claires
  • Icing

*Please note the above survey is not associated with the Piercing Pagoda Customer Survey


Contact Piercing Pagoda:

by mail:  901 W. Walnut Hill Ln. Irving, TX 75038

by phone: 1-800-866-9700

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