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If you own a Subaru you must live in the suburbs and make around $75,000  year.  As a Subaru owner you might also receive a mailing from Subaru asking you to take part in the Subaru Owners Survey online (Survey.Subaru.com).  By taking the survey you will help enhance your ownership experience and future autos released by this popular middle class car company.  Subaru is constantly striving to provide customers with the best value possible and are asking for your help and feedback about how happy you are with your Subaru!  To start the Subaru Survey please have the personal ID number on hand.  This number can be found on your survey request letter.  No survey incentive is offered… lame! 

Survey:  Subaru Owners Customer Survey
Incentive:  None
Site: www.survey.subaru.com

Bonus survey question!  Please note this question is not associated with the official Home Depot Opinion Survey online. SurveyLux would like to know:

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