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Take the LifeTouch Customer Survey and provide feedback on the quality of picture day at your local school.  You will start by providing the zip code of the school district you’re in followed by your position (principal, assistant principal, teach, admin or other).  You will then be asked a variety of Life Touch survey questions and will have to pick between excellent, very good, ok, unsatisfactory, and very unsatisfactory.  Some questions asked will be “photographer’s ability to work with students”, “effectiveness of picture day communication to school staff”, and “photographers ability to work well with the staff”.  You will be also given the opportunity to type a short sentence or two suggesting ways LifeTouch can improve.  Please be honest with your feedback as it well help improve future school photos.  Towards the end of the  LifeTouch School Survey you will have to provide the name of the photographer who visited your school.  The name of the photographer can be found on the bottom of the LifeTouch survey form.  Have a great picture day.

Survey:  LifeTouch Customer Survey
Incentive:  none
Site: www.surveys.lifetouch.com/host

Bonus survey question!  Please note this question is not associated with the official LifeTouch survey online. SurveyLux would like to know:

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