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Happy with your most recent visit to Gordmans?  Upset about you most recent visit?  Either way Gordmans would like you to provide feedback by taking their customer survey online.  As a reward for taking the survey you will get a 20% off promotional code that can be used on your next trip to Gordmans (if you go again that is).  To begin the TellGordmans survey please have the code and time of visited from your receipt on hand.  The code will be 18 digits long and the time of visit can be found at the very bottom of your receipt.  The survey is powered by the Service Management Group and will ask a variety of questions related to customer service and Gordmans products. 

Survey:  Gordmans Customer Survey
Incentive:  20% off promotional code that can be used at your Gordmans store
Site:  www.tellgordmans.com

Bonus survey question!  Please note this question is not associated with the official Gordmans Customer Survey online.  SurveyLux would like to know:


– Gordmans Contact Information –

by mail:

Gordmans, Inc.
12100 W. Center Rd.
Omaha, NE 68144
Ph: (402) 691-4000                          
Fax: (402) 691-4269

 by phone: (877) 817-8427

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